It should be said that wifi is an imperfect art, it struggles to be both consistent and high speed in a location such as an RV Park. Between an environment that is constantly changing due to a large number of factors, and a diverse group of customer hardware, wifi is given a bad deal. Wifi was designed to operate over distances of less that 300 ft nominal with no noise or interference. Noise can be made by your cell phone, microwaves, or other customers' computers competing for the same wifi tower. We have noticed that customers who have 5 Ghz on their devices have the best luck, also hardware less than 5 years old is recommended.

Notes about Wifi

March 7, 2024 Wireless AC Routers have been installed in all of the 13 wifi tower locations. Currently all Towers support 2.4 and 5 Ghz, 2 of which support the newer wifi 6 band The Internet backbone has been upgraded to support 100 Mbps connections from Daylily to the Point of internet and from the middle of Yucca to the building.

  • Internet Connection Tested connection Rates: Download: 94.7 Mbps / Upload: 94.1 Mbps
  • 13 Wireless Access points total
  • 12 access points connected via ethernet
  • 1 access points connected via wireless link

Wifi is a secure connction requiring a password and is also available at every site.

The internet connection to the rv park office supplies the wifi, the office itself, and the wired customers. There is one Comcast connection to the internet. The connection between the internet and the wifi towers is wired. Any tower that does not have a wired connection has a wireless link to a unit that does. More smaller cheaper towers have been better than bigger more powerful towers that were less effective.

Hard Wired Internet

Certain sites are capable of getting an actual hard wired internet connection if requested. These sites are Daylilly 1-10 and Yucca 5-14. This is available for a fee to nightly/weekly customers. Please ask for Greg in the office for more details.