A 360 Degree View from Santa Fe Skies RV Park

Not only do the park owners make a stay here a delightful experience, but there is an added attraction that no other location in the area can offer! Looking in the distance from the RV Park you can see an unobstructed 360-degree view of the Santa Fe area. The landforms are the most conspicuous sights that you can see from the park. The Jemez Mountains to the west are the remnants of a huge volcano which some believe to have been taller than Mount Everest. An eruption about a million years ago lowered the Jemez to their present height and scattered volcanic debris as far as the eastern United States. The Valle Grande lies just behind the peaks that one can see in the Jemez and is credited with being one of the largest and most perfectly shaped volcano calderas in the United States.

To the Northeast are the tallest mountains of all, the Sangre de Cristos that rise up to 12,622 feet above sea level at Santa Fe Baldy. On a clear day if you look to the Southwest at a distance of about 90 miles you can see the peak of Mount Taylor rising to 11,301 feet. Farther to the southwest lies the Sandia Crest of the Sandia Mountains rising to an altitude of 10,678 feet, with the Ortiz Mountains rising to 8,897 feet in the foreground. Far in the distance beyond the Sandias is the Manzano Mountain range about 60 miles from the park. Finally to the southeast the land drops off at the foot of the Sangres into the Galisteo Basin, an area that sunk millions of years ago.

Looking to the Northeast Quadrant from the RV Park

El Santuario de Chimayo
Tesuque Reservation & Pueblo
Nambe Reservation & Pueblo
Santa Fe, New Mexico (Downtown Plaza)
Bishops Lodge
Sangre de Cristo Mountains (Santa Fe Baldy) & Santa Fe National Forest
Lake Peak
Santa Fe Ski Area

Looking to the Southeast Quadrant from the RV Park

Glorieta Pass Civil War Battle Site
Pecos National Historic Park
The Santa Fe Trail (Canoncito)
Galisteo Basin Lamy, New Mexico
Tanoan Pueblo Ruins (Pueblo los Tanos)
Galisteo, New Mexico
Cerro Pelon - 6,923 ft.

Looking to the Southwest Quadrant from the RV Park Ortiz Mountains

Lone Mountain - 7457 ft.
Manzano Mountains & Cibola National Forest
J.W. Eaves Movie Ranch
Ortiz Mountains-Placer Mountain - 8897 ft.
Cedar Mountain - 7148 ft.
Los Cerrillos, New Mexico
Madrid, New Mexico
Cerro Chato Mountain - 6983 ft.
Cerrillos Hills
Waldo, New Mexico
Sandia Mountains (Sandia Crest - 10,678 ft.)
Sandia Pueblo & Reservation
Kuaua Ruins at Coronado State Monument
San Felipe Pueblo & Reservation
Rancho de los Golondrinas (La Cienega)
Santa Ana Pueblo & Reservation
Santo Domingo Reservation & Pueblo
Mount Taylor - 11,301 ft.
Zia Pueblo & Reservation

Looking to the Northwest Quadrant from the RV Park

Jemez Pueblo & Reservation
Loma Canovas Peak - 7,570 ft.
Tetilla Peak - 7206 ft.
Cochiti Reservation & Pueblo
Cochiti Lake
Bear Springs Peak - 8,195 ft.
Tent Rocks
Jemez Mountains & Santa Fe National Forest Bearhead Peak - 8,711 ft.
Cerro del Pino - 9,030 ft.
Aspen Peak - 8,244 ft.
Cerro Pelado Peak - 11,109 ft.
Red Scoria Mines
Redondo Peak - 11,254 ft.
Rio Grande River (Caja Del Rio) Santa Fe Municipal Airport
Cerro del Medio Peak - 9881 ft.
Cerros del Abrigo Peak - 10,332 ft.
Bandelier National Monument
Pajarito Mountain - 10,441 ft.
Los Alamos, New Mexico
Chicoma Mountain - 11,501 ft.
Puye Cliff Dwellings
San Ildefonso Reservation & Pueblo
Santa Clara Indian Reservation & Pueblo
Pojoaque Indian Reservation & Pueblo